Maria Vasilakou Creates New Local Govt. Party for Vienna, Austria

Maria Vasilakou will be involved in the creation of the new local government party for the city of Vienna,  Austria.  Vasilakou  is the head of the Ecologists party and will be the first mayor and deputy regional governor for Vienna.  The Democratic Party of Vienna has decided for the first time to collaborate with the Ecologists party of Austria to create a new party.  The decision for this coalition is very out of the ordinary and innovative.

Maria Vasilakou was elected Head of the Ecologists Party of Vienna in June 2004 and in 2008 was Vice-President of the Ecologists Party of Austria.  Her Party is the fifth most powerful political party in Austria, with 20 representatives in the Austrian Parliament.

Maria was born on February 23rd, 1969 in Athens and has been in Vienna since 1986.  In Vienna she studied psychology and linguistics.  During her student years she was actively involved in the student movement.


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