Recent Financial Meeting @ Greek Embassy, Berlin

A recent meeting in mid September took place at the Greek Embassy in Berlin.  This meeting was a continuation of an initial one Prime Minister George Papandreou had with Angela Merkel last March. German political and business representatives were present along with the chariman of the Greek-German Business Assocation George Xatzimarkaki.  A press release by Xatzimarkaki issued by the Greek MEP  was presented stating:  “The reforms of the Papandreou represented government are moving in the right direction”. 

The debate included Vice President of the Department of Treasury K. Pfaffenbach,  President of the Association of German Industries K. Schnappauf,  Vice President of SEB K. Lavidas, and Greek Ambassador of Berlin Dimitrios Rallis.  Xatzimarkaki claimed: “Considering that the reforms are very positive – the legistlation must now be applied 300%.  Germany, an old and worthy partner of Greece is interested in  the development of the country, of which is needed”.  German MEP  went on to add: “Germany would like to help-however the Germans also need a friendly and fertile business environment”.  “Greece must move forward to many changes so as to attract foreign investment potential.  On the other hand, there needs to be support for small/middle sized businesses.”  “Also important is the collaboration of German and Greek businesses,” continues K. Xatzimarkaki.  “Another important issue is the sources of reusable energy.  This could include many strong partnerships between Greek and German businesses.  With the expertise that both countries have they could lead the country to major development.”


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