Alexander Nunner praised by the Austrian Press

Alex Nunner, the 25 year-old Guard (Height 6.3”), who left the “panthers” of Fuerstenfeld for the “knights” of Guessing, leaves no doubt whatsoever to his coach and fans of his new team that he will be making a difference this year too. Nevertheless the Knights have high hopes for this year and this suits Alex’s goals. Relevant articles on Austrian press are especially praising towards the Greek basketball player.
“Nunner gazes high”, is the title of an article in Kleine Zeitung, hosting statements of the 25- year- old Greek, from Veroia. “I personally hope to play a significant role for the success of the team. We may not be considered favorites for the title, however our primary goal is to first go into the playoffs”, states Alexander Nunner. The Austrian newspaper also notes that the philosophy of the Guessing Knights is an absolute match for the young basketball player, who left a good impression the year before, from the NCAA U.S. College Championship.