Archaelogists Excavating Ancient Greek City Nysa

Archaeologists just began excavations at the ancient Greek city of Nysa in western Turkey. The excavation team consists of Turkish, Canadian and American architects, archaeologists and historians who hope to find new artifacts around the theatre, agora and gymnasion.

Head of the excavation team from Turkey’s Ankara University Professor Vedat Idil said that they plan to work until October 2010. Nysa is located in the Sultanhisar district of Aydin province which is 50 kilometers east of the city of Ephesus.

There are important ruins on the site from the Hellenistic period, the Roman period and the Byzantine era. Much of the open air Greek theatre and its walled entrances are still intact. The library currently has three walls. There are remnants of a gymnasion, a Roman bath and a bouleuterion. The 100 meter long Nysa Bridge; a tunnel like substruction was the second largest of its kind in antiquity.