Man Murdered in Albania for Speaking Greek

Tension prevails in Himara after the assassination of Aristotelis Goumas, 37, member of the Greek minority in Albania. The incident happened Thursday night in the village Campi in Castro of Himara in South Albania.
The incident started when three Albanians asked Goumas to stop speaking Greek in his shop. The dispute led to beating of the Greek, who managed to escape and complain to his friends.
Later at night the three Albanians detected the Greek again on a land road and caused an accident in which Goumas lost his life.
The police has arrested six people. According to North Epirus News Agency the suspects are aged 19-25 years old.
Greek MEGA TV reported that the Albanians told the police, that the Greek was blocking the road with his motorcycle and that they hit him and had their car crash on the motorcycle because he spoke to them in Greek.
Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman, Grigoris Delavekouras, condemned the death of Aristotelis Goumas saying that “Unacceptable criminal acts like that aim to arouse ethnic tension with unpredictable consequences and undermine the bilateral relations between Greece and Albania. It must be condemned by the entire Albanian society and its political representatives”


  1. It was nice to hear from my diving instructor that this case is the real reason why my trip to Albania tomorrow was cancelled due to “Technical problems” 😀

    But it would be nice to know did they cancel the trip for safety reasons or is there really a problem to getting into Albania, like no visas, Albania or Greece closed borders or something like that?

  2. Ok, the boat is really broken as tomorrows Parga-Paxos is also cancelled. Was just too convient to second guess that that “technical problem” could be.