Greek Plastic Factory Opens in Turkey

SENKROMA, the sister company of  “PLASTIKA OF CRETE” is opening its second factory in Turkey, and more specifically in Gaziantep, which is located on the nortern-eastern part of the country. Gaziantep is the center of thread production and the creations of polypropylene carpets of the whole Turkey and one of the biggest in the world.
SENKROMA, with its new factory which is specialised in the production of masterbatches for sythetic threads, aims at getting closer to its clients so that it can provide best service to them and increase its shares.
In addition, the factory in Gaziantep will serve the synthetic thread industry of Syria which is situated only 45 km away as well as that of Iran. The new factory is going to start its production by 2011.
The production of the already existing factory of SENKROMA in Istanbul is also going to be reinforced too, using the technique of masterbatches for the colouring of all the other plastic products except for threads.
We can not ignore that, apart from its productive activities, SENKROMA also promotes in the turkish market products of the parent company that are not produced by itself. Moreover, it turns over great profits in our country as it uses raw materials that are produced by the parent company in Heraklion.
SENKROMA investgments on new equipment in the years 2011-2012 is estimated to reach 1,5 millions euro while its sales are expected to reach 14-15 millions euro in 2013.



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