The Ecumenical Patriarch meets the Committee for the Education of Diaspora

The Managements of three High Schools organized a meeting in which the establishment of a permanent Committee concerning the Education of the Greek Diaspora of Constantinople was decided. The meeting took place in honor of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeos, on the occasion of the conclusion of the school year and there were many professors participating in it.

During the meeting, a general overview of the issues regarding the Education of Greeks in Constantinople was made, during which the keen interest of the Ecumenical Patriarch was expressed on this issue of vital importance, which is crucial for its future course. The participants emphasized on the fact that this is a common cause, regarding the whole Greek community and the contribution of all stakeholders and bodies is essential.

Currently, there are around 240 students in our schools, with 9 schools being in operation, six elementary schools and three high schools, whilst in the past the number of schools had risen to 59.


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