Meeting of the Confederation of Parents’ Associations Federations of Germany

Support teaching, Greek language departments, reduction of the numbers of Education Coordinators and office staff, vocational guidance in school, reduction of salary, as well as the recruitment of Greek teachers, were among the topics discussed at the meeting of the Board of the Confederation of Parents’ Associations in Germany in Frankfurt.
A coincidence of views was apparent on the issue of putting Greek educators into use, as well as the strengthening of School Vocational Guidance in schools. The topic of cooperation between Education Coordinators with the respective Consuls of areas that have negative impacts on schools was raised by several federations. Lastly, it was decided that the limiting of detached educators should not be carried out at the expense of the maximum number per class, as provided by law.
The meeting was attended by SAE Europe Coordinator, Giorgos Amarantidis and the Secretary of the Federation of Greek Communities in Germany, Anestis Manolis. A discussion followed with the Secretary of the Department of Hellenes Abroad of PASOK, Costas Tatsis.