Yorgos Alkaios met with Ecumenical Patriarch

George Alkaios brought to reality his biggest dream this morning when he met with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Constantinople (foto). He met with the Patriarch to receive his blessing for representing Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.
It should be noted that in the last few years it has become a tradition for Greek singers taking part in Eurovision to visit the Phanar to receive the blessing of the Orthodox Primate.

Yorgos Alkaios meets Michael Kuyucu in Istanbul
Yorgos Alkaios met Michael Kuyucu from Turkey’s number one music radio show on his visit to İstanbul. Alkeos made an interview also for Number One TV and expressed his feelings about Eurovision. Alkaios said that it was his first visit to İstanbul and would like to vsit again after Oslo. He expressed that he is very happy for using a Greek song in Eurovision song contest.
Michael Kuyucu asked Yorgos Alkaios whom he likes more in Turkish music market, Alkaios replied to this question by saying the name of İbrahim Tatlıses. He said that he thinks İbrahim Tatlıses is a great voice in the Turkish market. Greek singer said that his first goal on Eurovision song contest is the make fan and have a great competition. He expressed that he listened Turkish entry and liked a lot.