Sir Alex Ferguson has “lucky charm” from Epirus

Sir Alex Ferguson, with Sotiris Hasiakos
Sir Alex Ferguson, with Sotiris Hasiakos

By Anna Papadimitriou
The most trustworthy person of Sir Alex Ferguson, coach of Manchester United, is the Epirote Sotiris Hasiakos, head of the aristocratic club “Les Ambassadeurs” on Park Lane, London. They contact each other many times a week and share their interest in horses and horse races. Recently, they became co-owners of two horses, to which they gave Greek names, since Sir Alex wanted to do Sotiris’ favour. They called these two-year-old mares “Aetos“ (Eagle) and “Pausanias” .
“Aetos” has already raced; it was favourite and won at ease. “Pausanias” hasn’t raced yet, but its trainer Richard Hanon expects it to win many races and prizes. Sotiris Hasiakos comes from the village “Katarraktis” in Agnanta, Arta, where his brother is now the mayor, and studied “business” in the University of Manchester.
When he got his degree, he got a managerial position in a night club group and met Alex Ferguson, fresh coach of Manchester United at the time, with many problems. Sotiris was at his side.  Today, they are bound up with a strong friendship. When Manchester United won Bayern in the Champions League Final in Barcelona, Sir Alex Ferguson beckoned Sotiris near him and gave him the Cup to hold it. This gesture reflects their close friendship.