Philip Puts His Foot In It

Prince_PhilipPrince Philip put his foot in it whilst visiting an army barracks by asking a young Navy sea cadet is she had worked in a strip club.

Despite the Duke of Edinburgh’s unusual comment it actually went down quite well with ‘victim’ Elizabeth Rendle (24) who works as a barmaid.

“I told him I worked in a club. He then asked if it was a strip club”, she said.

Corfu born Philip then realised the error of his ways and joked that such a profession would be “too cold”.

Rendle admitted that she knew the Prince was just trying to “put people at their ease”.

“It was a joke and we were all laughing which drew everyone else’s attention. I don’t think he put his foot in it. It was a joke and I didn’t take any offence”.

Prince Philip, whose family was exiled from Greece when he was a child was touring Devon with the Queen when he made the comment at the Wyvern Barracks in Exeter.