«Greek Contribution in the Maintenance of Hagia Sophia»

111-1The efforts which are being made lately for the maintenance of the Byzantine Heritage of Constantinople were praised by the Ecumenical Patriarch, His All Holiness Bartholomew during his speech in the presentation of the book “Greek contribution in the maintenance of Hagia Sophia”, written by the Professor of National Technical University of Athens, Tonia Moropoulou.
“We congratulate the cooperation of Greece and Turkey for the maintenance of Byzantine monuments. For us Christians, Hagia Sophia is the Great Church” stated the Ecumenical Patriarch.
“The General Secretary of the Cultural Capital of Europe Istanbul 2010, Mehmet Giohan, who organized the book presentation, stressed that the organisation which he runs contribute to the research programme for the maintenance of Hagia Sophia, “one of the most important elements of the cultural heritage of Istanbul”, as he stated.
Ms. Moropoulou’s book concerns research projects which were carried out within the framework of joint cooperation which was signed 16 years ago between University of Princeton, Bosporus and the National Technical University of Athens.



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