Support activities from the Hellenic Community of Ireland

111The Hellenic Community of Ireland intends to establish an informal Chamber, in an effort to promote Greek exports and help Greece overcome the financial crisis.
In an interview she gave for the program “Network without Borders” of ERA-5 (Voice of Greece), the President of the Hellenic Community of Ireland, Ms. Thomae Kakouli – Duarte, stated that this will be achieved with the help of the Hellenic Embassy. Furthermore, Ms. Kakouli stated that the problem Hellenes are facing with regards to church attendance in Ireland, has not been solved yet, whilst she disagreed with the decision to cancel receptions in Greek embassies worldwide, for the celebration of our Independence Day on the 25th of March. As it was stated by Ms. Kakouli, the reception at the Greek Embassy of Ireland will be held with funds raised by the Diaspora.


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