Stavros dad’s not so …Fatley

Stavros Flatley star Demetrios Demetriou has lost his trademark belly after “dancing himself thin”, according to a report.
The Britain’s Got Talent finalist stunned fans when he revealed his new slim tummy while performing a gig in Plymouth.
The 40-year-old has “shed a few pounds” while touring the UK with his comedy dance act alongside his son Lagi, says The Sun.
A fan who saw the Greek duo perform earlier this week told the newspaper that she was surprised by Demetrios’ weight loss.
She said: “The dad’s shifted a few pounds. All the dancing is obviously paying off.”
A spokesman for the duo said: “They’re dancing nearly every day and burn lots of calories.”
The Britain’s Got Talent stars are a popular comedy act, performing at clubs and restaurants across the country.
The duo are reportedly able to command fees of up to £10,000 per performance.
(source: stv)


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