Protest letters about education problems faced by Greek children in Germany

Problems relating to the premises housing the Greek Elementary School in Wuppertal are adding to the problems facing the education of Greek children in Northern Rhine Westphalia and those created by the unfortunate purchase of a building in Dusseldorf with the aim of accommodating the Greek elementary school in that city. During a lesson on August 25 in the second grade of the Greek Elementary School in Wuppertal, the overhead light and pieces of the ceiling fell in the classroom.
A few days later, on September 9, a 3-member team from the School Buildings Organisation came from Athens to check the damage and to decide whether the building was habitable. The examination showed that – at the very least – the premises presented many serious problems. Letters have been written on the issue to bring the matter to the attention of the Greek Education ministry.
(source: ana-mpa)