Minister of State Erler opens Alexander the Great exhibition in Mannheim

Together with the mayor of Mannheim and representatives of both the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums and the German Archaeological Institute, the Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office Gernot Erler opened a new special exhibition earlier this month at the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums in Mannheim entitled “Alexander the Great and the Opening of the World”. The exhibition devoted to the ancient general and ruler, who lived from 356 to 323 BC, runs till February 21 and features some 400 unique exhibits.
According to a website report by Deutsche Welle, the show is attracting international interest and many visitors, as during the first weekend along, over 3,000 people visited the exhibition.


  1. Ancient Macedonia was a Greek kingdom and through Alexander the 3rd (the Great) spread the Greek spirit allover the then known world. I hope this exhibition reveals many details and facts of the period and gives many answers to various issues from antiquity up to now. This is going to be a very interesting exhibition!