How to be (a little bit) Greek

In this year’s Britain’s got Talent Demi and Lagi Demetriou – aka Stavros Flatley – won the hearts of the nation with their brilliant Greek/Irish dance routines, their incredible father/son bond and their contagious love of the ridiculous. In this book Demi show us how we can all can jump on the bandwagon and learn to become just that little bit Greek.

The duo celebrated the launch of the book by welcoming the best of Britain’s Got Talent stars to a Whetstone restaurant for the launch of their book.

“We can’t believe we have got a book out,” said Demetri Lagi.

“It’s really emotional to know you have left a footprint. Just to be able to do it and have my son part of is wicked.”

“It’s something that is a bit of a giggle, because there are some stories you won’t believe, they are just good fun.”

“It was something that was just natural. The one thing we know is how to have a good time and so that’s what we want to show in the book.”

The party took place at the Chopstix Chinese buffet, in High Road, Barnet.

“We were going to do a little BBQ at home for the launch by my Missus said we should go a bit all out and go to a restaurant”

“We said we wanted to do it locally and we love this place. We’re not superstars, we’re just Lagi and Demetri, and what better to do a Greek book launch in a Chinese restaurant.”

However, their facebook fan page has way over one million fans something that shows how popular is the group in the UK and abroad.

About the Book
History is stuffed full of famous Greeks – Simons, Anthonys and Georges by the dozen. Archimedes, obviously. Zeus. Winston Churchill, Barack Obama, Brad Pitt. As Simon Cowell would surely agree, clearly anyone who has ever been anyone is a tiny bit Greek, and you can be too. You just have to follow some basic rules – learn to feel enormous joy whatever your situation, eat Greek (calories – consume as many as possible), exercise Greek (see the Zorba workout), practice the art of seduction (How Greek is Your Love?), bond with your sons, worship your daughters (and make sure no one else does until they’re at least 25!). Worry, worry, worry. Live, live, live!

Packed full of photos of our Greek heroes, and with helpful illustrations showing how to spin plates, make kebabs and Irish dance (Greek style!), this book is the perfect read for the millions and millions of Britain’s Got Talent fans and absolutely anyone with a funny bone.