Haidari Square in France

A delegation of the city council headed by Mayor, Dimitris Maravelias was in the city of Villeneuve D’Ascq on May 9-10, for the inauguration of Haidari Square in an event organized by the municipal authorities of the French city, honoring Haidari and its history. Mayor Maravelias and the Mayor of Villeneuve D’Ascq, Gerard Caudron, unveiled the two rocks which had the following inscription:
“Haidari Square inaugurated on May 9 2009 by Gerard Caudron, Mayor of Villeneuve D’Ascq and Mayor Dimitris Maravelias, Mayor of Haidari”
The event concluded with Greek songs and dances by a local traditional group.
Later in the day, Mayor Maravelias and his counterpart placed wreaths at the monument of the 86 French soldiers who were executed in April 1944, during the withdrawal of German troops from the city.