Two Greek Humanitarian Projects on the Shortlist for the 2016 European Civil Society Migration Prize

refugees-europeansOn December 15 the winners of the eighth European Civil Society Prize on Migration will be announced and this year’s shortlist of nominees includes two Greek humanitarian projects.

The EESC’s website explains that this year’s award will go to both “individuals and organizations who have distinguished themselves through their work in improving the lives of migrants and fostering their integration in European society.”

One application for the Greek projects is from a Greek baker who initiated a program distributing bread and pastries to thousands of migrants in need, while the other application involves projects pioneered in Greece that help assist migrants and “facilitate their integration into society,” reports.

The ceremony announcing the winners is set to take place in Brussels on December 15 at the EESC Plenary session. The winners will share a cash prize of €50,000.

The President of EESC, George Dassis, said that “Civil society organizations have played a fundamental role in the recent migration crisis and these projects provide inspiration for us all,” adding that “Civil mobilization has the force to change the course of history and in awarding the annual EESC Civil Society Prize, I hope that these exemplary projects will inspire us all and show how, when we work together, European citizens can make the EU a better place for all.”


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