Kallos Gallery to exhibit at Frieze Masters, Unveiling Rare Cretan Bronze Helmet


As a part of their Frieze Masters art fair, Kallos Gallery in London will be unveiling a rare Cretan bronze helmet featuring a tall crest and open-face design dating back to 650-620 BC.

The helmet is one of two in existence throughout the entire world and is the only example of the archaic world to be minutely engraved with detailed mythological scenes.

Along with the helmet, Kallos Gallery will also have other art pieces on display dating back to antiquity, as they are the world’s only commercial gallery to specialize in ancient Greek artwork.

kallos-2There will be a display of ancient Greek pottery, votives, sculpture and jewelry with prices ranging from £20,000 to £5 million.

There will also be a display of ancient coinage with a selection of silver and gold Greek coins with prices ranging from £2,500 to £125,000.

For more information about the Gallery and events please see: kallosgallery.com


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