Ben Needham Case Update: New Search Finds Fabric of ‘Slight Interest’ on Kos [video]

Ben Needham searchIt was 1991 when 21-month-old toddler Ben Needham vanished while playing outside during a family holiday on the Greek island of Kos.

Now, following new leads that suggest that the little boy might have been accidentally crushed by a bulldozer has led investigators to excavate a stretch of olive grove where some places were used as a dumping ground for a construction site that was active at the time Ben went missing.

The excavation began on Monday and police are already reporting that they have found a piece of fabric that is of “slight interest.”

Police also commented that they found “a vast number” of animal bones along with the small pieces of fabric close to where Ben was last seen.

Detective Inspector Jon Cousins, from South Yorkshire Police commented: “We found, as expected, a vast number of bones yesterday. Each one was examined immediately, and each one was discounted there and then as being an animal bone.”

“There are some other items that are of slight interest – the odd piece of fabric. That is being analyzed and looked at, but there is slight interest.”

“Everything is being carefully looked at…We want to make sure: do they or do they not relate to any of the items Ben was wearing on that day?” he added.


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