Four Greek Artists Exhibit at London Gallery

a-the-lake-640x468Four Greek artists will exhibit their work at the Belgravia gallery in Mayfair in London, a place that has hosted other Greek artists in the recent past.

Specifically, last year Harikleia Papapostolou had a solo exhibition at Belgravia, while earlier Maria Filopoulou had presented her work there.

The exhibition will run from October 3 until October 31, but the official opening will be on October 5.

Eva Apostolatou, Katia Varvaki, Leda Kontogiannopoulou and Vicky Stamatopoulou, will present a series of paintings. The four artists work in a wide range of performing arts.

Vicky Stamatopoulou paints landscapes with trees and ‘quiet’ colors. Katia Varvaki does landscapes too, but this time the colors are magical and bright. The works of Leda Kontogiannopoulou are still lives mixed with objects and maps. Eva Apostolatou paints landscapes with emphasis on the sea horizon.

The curator of the exhibition is George Stathopoulos, a well-known art collector who has coordinated the Poseidon project at George Washington University in Washington D.C. “I believe that these four Greek female artists will offer something different and exciting to the art lovers of London. They will present an interesting picture of Greek art and artistic trends that exist in today’s Greece,” he said.


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