Czech Police Aid FYROM in Keeping Migrants from Crossing Greece-FYROM Border

czech policeOn Monday forty Czech police officers left to help Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) protect its border with Greece, Petr Petik, deputy police president said in a press conference.

“They are very well-trained for this service so the work at the border will be no problem for them at all,” Petik said to reporters.

Czech police have been aiding FYROM in dealing with the migrant crisis in Greece since last June, ensuring that the borders to FYROM are secure. This group of officers is set to replace another group that has been stationed at the FYROM border since late June.

FYROM closed its borders to migrants in early March 2016 causing migrants to bottleneck in Greece. Until now, FYROM says that it expects to keep their borders closed at least until December of 2016, however, that deadline may very well be extended, as they have previously had rumored plans to reopen the border several times in the past several months.

The presence of Czech police officers in FYROM is essential to upkeeping FYROM’s goal of not allowing any refugees to pass the Greek-FYROM border, as the patrols on the border are composed of one FYROM officer and two Czech officers.

This mission for the Czech police officers is their tenth foreign mission regarding the migrant crisis.

Until as recent as last year they were also deployed in Greece, Hungary and Slovenia.


  1. Bravo tous! They are saving themselves from the barbarians that have overrun the dying Europe.

  2. What is sad is that the Czech government would rather send officers to a non EU country as is the case FYROM rather than assist an EU member country Greece….
    So the Czech government would rather patrol borders against Greece than in supporting Greece. What a joke????

  3. The same Czeckastanis that claim to be trying to protect Europe.. then go on to claim Slavs “Macedonians”! With “protectors” of Europe like this who needs enemies?

    All the patronizing foreigners that engaged in conscious ethnic engineering of Skopians (they ALL well know Skopians aren’t “Macedonian”) think they can sweep their little mistake under the table.

    Much like with migrants though… they have no clue what comes around goes around. Those that enable Skopians are effectively opening the door to the destruction of their own identities. The very forces and arguments they supported will be turned against them.


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