Germans Choose Greece For Their Holidays


The charm of Greece’s magnificent landscapes, embellished with golden beaches stretching along over many kilometers, azure skies, crystal clear waters and picturesque islands, drew around 2.5 million Germans in 2014, according to official data.

Despite the uncertainty concerning the country’s stay in the Eurozone, the German Travel Association (DRV) persists that German holiday-makers will be flocking to Greece again this year, leaving the bitter juxtaposition between the two capitals over Greece’s debt obligations, reform plans and fears of a possible Grexit to the politicians.

“Bookings concerning vacation packages to Greece for the period from January through April 2015 are estimated to be at around the same level as last year”, a spokeswoman for the DRV told German newspaper Rheinische Post.

Besides, Greece remains one of the most popular holiday destinations for German people, explained the DRV spokeswoman. “There are many people in Greece who are passionate about Greece, despite the crisis,” she explained.


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