Monopoly Money Used to Pay Greek Jeweler in Paris

monopolyA Greek jeweler in Paris, France, was the victim of a major fraud, as thieves paid him with Monopoly money.

according to French newspaper Le Parisian, several weeks ago, two thieves who claimed they were French, contacted the Greek man to buy four rare rings and a necklace.

After some discussions online and over the phone, they arranged a meeting in a Paris hotel on September 25 to proceed with the purchase. The “buyers” came with a suitcase filled with €6 million in cash, which is not uncommon in deals for valuable antiques or jewelry where the parties want to avoid taxes.

The Greek jeweler took one wad of €500 notes out of the case and went in a nearby currency exchange to verify the money wasn’t counterfeit.

Once the veracity of the bills was verified, the jeweler returned to the hotel to conclude the sale. However, he soon realized that the buyers had left and the suitcase contained Monopoly money.

Once he tried to reach them and they didn’t pick up, he went to a police station to report the incident.


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