German State Honors Greek Woman for 25 years of Social Services

zacharakisGreek expat Ioanna Zacharakis was recently awarded with the Golden Cross by the German state, for 25 years of service in a major social organization of Germany.

Zacharakis who comes from Thessaly, Greece, has been living in Germany since 1981. She is a philologist and a sociologist, works as Rapporteur Consultant in the Social Integration and Interculturalism sector of the social service Diakonia Rhineland Westphalia Lippe.

She is responsible for the coordination of  local services on migration issues, for the financing of these services, and also for their evolution. Moreover, she plans and organizes intercultural projects. She has specialized in the field of intercultural competence, upon which she teaches as a designated Professor in the Universities of Bochum and Düsseldorf.

Zacharakis is involved in politics and has been elected since 1999, as City Councillor in the Solingen Municipality. She is also a member of the Coordination Committee of the European Network of Elected Greeks.

Her award ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Integration and Social Affairs of North Rhine Westphalia, representatives of the Regional Administration of Arnsberg, the Consul General Gregory Delavekouras and the representatives of the field of science and education.

The  Ministry of Labor, Integration and Social Affairs and the Regional Administration of Arnsberg, thanked Zacharakis for her responsibility and work in the Ministry.

Delavekouras praised her social action and expressed his satisfaction  that the German state honors a competent Greek.


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