Eurostat: Greece 3rd Lowest EU Birth Rate

Birth Rate in GreecePopulation in Greece has dropped by 5.5%, while the EU‘s population has increased by an average of 2.2% according to the demographic data of 2012 that were released today by Eurostat.

More specifically, the population has increased in 17 member states and decreased in 11 member states.

The largest increases were recorded in Luxembourg (+23%), Malta (+9.1%), Sweden (+7.7%), the UK (+6.2%), Belgium (+6 %) and in Austria (+5.2%). The largest population declines were recorded in Lithuania (-10.6 %), Latvia (-10.3%), Estonia (-6.8%), Bulgaria (-5.8%), Greece (-5.5%) and Portugal (-5.2%). In general the EU population increased by 1.1 million.

In Greece, the population decreased by 60,500 in 2012 and on January 1, 2013 it reached 11,161,000 inhabitants. In 2012 there were 100,400 births and 116,700 deaths, while in the same year more than 44,000 inhabitants left Greece.

Greece and Italy recorded the third lowest birth rate (9%) in the EU, right after Germany (8.4%) and Portugal (8.5%). The highest birth rates were recorded in Ireland (15.7%), the UK (12.8%), France (12.6 %), Sweden (11.9% ) and Cyprus (11.8%).


  1. First of all, the title is just WRONG. Greek rate is the third lowest (it is latter explained in last paragraph, so I do not understand why the title is wrong).
    Secondly, the values are per thousand, not %!!!! So the values are 10 times less than the ones stated in the text!


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