Athina Onassis Looks Pretty at Half-Sister’s Wedding (PHOTOS)


Shipping heiress Athina Onassis was pretty in a pink silk dress as she attended the wedding of her half-sister Sandrine Roussel. The wedding of Sandrine Roussel took place at the small village of Villeny, close to the Roussel’s Bonneville estate in the northern French department of Salogne, France on September 14, 2013.

 28-year-old Athina Onassis was a bridesmaid for the occasion. Sister Sandrine is daughter of Athina’s father Thierry Roussel and his second wife, Marianne Landhage.

Following the ceremony, the newly -weds were driven off in a vintage black Rolls Royce decked with pink and white ribbons.

Athina makes public appearances very rarely but at her half-sister’s wedding she looked very relaxed and happy as she sheltered under an umbrella with husband Álvaro de Miranda Neto.

Onassis prefers to live a quiet life in Brazil’s largest city Sao Paulo with her husband whom she married in 2005. Most of the times she is seen in public is during equestrian show jumping tournaments in which she participates. However, after suffering a spinal injury in September last year she was forced to take a brief sabbatical but a few days ago she competed at a tournament in Italy.

Athina Onassis is the granddaughter – and only surviving relative – of Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.

Watch a slideshow with pictures from Sandrine Roussel’s wedding:


  1. Too bad she evidently has absolutely no interest in the Greek culture or language and expressed no interest in visiting Greece – it’s due to the Greek side of her family that she lives the lifestyle she enjoys – still I wish her well….

  2. Marianna, she has literally had no exposure to Greece and other than her name, like many Greek-Americans, etc, she does not consider herself Greek, but rather a French (or Swiss) of Greek heritage. The Onasis foundation today still gives a bit of money to Greece, so I wouldn’t be so ready to write her off. Just because she wishes to live outside of Greece doesn’t make her anti-Greek.


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