Theatrical Tribute to Ritsos in Vienna

parastash2A tribute to the great Greek poet, Giannis Ritsos will take place at the Interkult Theater in the capital of Austria, Vienna on May 21 and 22. The theatrical company …zur Sonne, the first Greek theatrical group in Vienna, will present the play, We step aside, poet, so that you pass.

The performance is a brief narration of Ritsos’ life and focuses on the most important stations of his turbulent life, rich in emotions and poetic production.

The actors are simultaneously narrators, and accompany the pure narration of events with Ritsos’ original lyrics. The narration-recitation is interrupted by his lyrics set to music by the great composer Mikis Theodorakis.

The Greek theatrical group, which is supported by the Association of Greek Students and Scientists of Vienna (SEFEV), announced that this performance is an original concept which combines various art genres, such as theater, literature, music, songs and is homage and acquaintance of the spectator with one of the greatest modern Greek poets.

The performance follows the parallel course of Ritsos’ political action and poetic creation, the latter leading him to the verge of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The group notes that Ritsos is above all things, a fighter who struggles and writes lyrics-hymns to human, beyond races, nations and religions, proclaiming universal and timeless values, such as peace, love and freedom, His faith in these eternal ideals led Ritsos to open conflict with every political authority, resulting in successive prosecutions and exiles.

This very first Greek theatrical group in Vienna believes that, after the performance the spectator becomes a better person, his heart turns to his fellowman with true love and interest, and according to Ritsos, “ And look, my brother, we learned to talk very quietly and simply. We understand each other now – there is no need for anything more.”


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