ProGreece Internet Platform Nearly Set

progreeceThe Internet platform ProGreece will be ready for use by June, officials said. ProGreece is an interactive social network for German and Greek companies.

The aim of this network is to match Greek companies’ excess capacities with German demand to initiate manufacturing and service agreements and to support trade between the two countries.

More than 500 Greek companies have signed up in the platform for the promotion of which to the German market a campaign will be launched in May.

ProGreece was created on the initiative of the German General Consulate in Thessaloniki, the Association of Exporters of Northern Greece and the Association of Greek Immigrants and Expatriates in Germany and was supported by the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mediascape Ltd.

The platform aims to support Greek enterprises and to strengthen employment while maintaining and increasing the number of jobs, creating lasting partnerships and/or investments between Greek and German companies, as well as boosting the confidence of the German market in Greek.


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