Greece Disputes Turkish Terrorist Report

zamanThe Greek Foreign Ministry has denied a report in the Turkish newspaper Zaman entitled The Life in Lavrion which states that there is a terrorist training center there.

The provocative article in the Turkish newspaper writes that: “In the training terrorist center in Lavrion, life goes on. This center came in the news with the kamikaze Ecevit Sanli, who had trained here, and had attacked the U.S. embassy. Here guerrillas who have revealed their identities, are training. On each floor of the buildings there are several signs of organizations. Because of the revelation of Lavrion there is information that the illegal organizations have moved to the training camp in Karafaki.”

Turkish reporters who went to Lavrio said they found no “terrorist organization,” nor anything unlawful, however and started writing about other topics.



  1. Typical war mongering turks looking to create false flags as both turkish history and wikileaks have shown.


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