Citing EU Derision To Greece, MEP Chatzimarkakis Quits

Giorgo Jorgo ChatzimarkakisGiorgos Chatzimarkakis says members of his party, a junior coalition partner in Germany’s government, have circulated “extreme” ideas regarding policy toward Greece.

Chatzimarkakis, a German European Parliament member of Greek origin, has said he can no longer represent the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) or any German party, for that matter.

“The moment I feel more Greek than German, I can’t be an authentic politician in Germany,” said Jorgo Chatzimarkakis. “My mind, my spirit, don’t allow me.”

In an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, Chatzimarkakis castigated Germany and the European Union for their policies toward Greece and belittling of its people.

“It is difficult for me to cooperate with people who have started a campaign against Greece, a country that is going through a very difficult situation”, said Chatzimarkakis and pointed out that, “In Germany, extreme ideas are heard, for example that Greeks should sell their islands and the Acropolis of Athens, to such a point that I cannot stand attending party congresses.”

“It’s very difficult to push through messages that don’t fit stereotypes – such as that Greeks work very hard, even more than Germans. That doesn’t enter the Germans’ minds. They want the lazy Greek as a stereotype, Cypriots as gangsters, country and people who must be punished.”

Chatzimarkakis said he will step down instead of running for re-election.



  1. Whats wrong with calling the Greeks lazy if they are? And the proposal of bringing Parthenon to Germany was the best thing that FDP ever proposed. Most probably Mr Chatzimarkas wanted to retire from politics and made up something

  2. So, you have 10% of the population who do stupid things and you blame the whole population ? You aren’t different than our leftists who say all Germans are nazis …


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