The Life Goddess Endears London

pantopoleioThe Life Goddess, Greek deli and restaurant, which opened on Jan. 25 in London, is already attracting many customers with an array of Greek traditional dishes, with products from the many regions of Greece.

Customers have the choice of oil from Laconia, honey from Zalogo, Macedonian cheeses, sausages from Evrytania, jam from Larissa, tuna of Alonissos and a huge variety of Greek products.

According to the Living-Postcards, the The Life Goddess aims to bring quality Greek food to the area, and will sell high quality Greek products from their deli in addition to serving the finest Greek delicacies in their restaurant.

Staples such as Greek salad and homemade meals will be sold, in addition to more unusual Greek produce with the aim of introducing new Greek favorites to customers. The majority of The Life Goddess’ produce is imported from Greece, while items such as coffee are sourced from the UK.

As well as bringing a Mediterranean influence to Store Street, The Life Goddess will also act as an ambassador for Greek produce and culture in London. Regular tasting events and open sessions will be held for producers to promote their products, and over 50 small local farmers and coop will be represented in store.

The owners are three Greek businessmen from Thessaloniki, Nick and George Nyfoudis and Elias Koulakiotis.  They traveled for six months across Greece to find the best and most delicious products in order to run their business.

The business’ brand is the goat, an inspiration derived from Greek mythology, the myth of Zeus and Amaltheia goat. Apart from products coming from Greece, all the furniture inside the restaurant manufactured in Thessaloniki.




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