Greek Investigative Journalist Kostas Vaxevanis Nominated for International Award

Costas Vaxevanis

Kostas Vaxevanis has been nominated for a Journalism Award, by the freedom of expression organization Index on Censorship. The Greek investigative journalist was arrested in October 2012 for publishing a list of more than 2,000 suspected tax evaders.

He was found not guilty of breaking data privacy laws in November 2012, but the Athens public prosecutor subsequently ordered a retrial. If he is sentenced, he faces up to two years’ imprisonment or a fine.

The Index Freedom of Expression Awards recognize journalists, bloggers, digital activists, campaigners and artists around the world who, directly or indirectly, are fighting against censorship. These are the people on the front-line who often experience violence, threats and imprisonment for exercising their right to free speech. By celebrating their achievements, Index hopes to raise awareness of the threats to free speech seen around the world today – from direct censorship, cover-ups and excessive use of legislation to digital censorship, religious and cultural pressures and a lack of access to information.
CEO Kirsty Hughes said:
‘All of this year’s nominees have shown great courage in speaking out, and fighting censorship and injustice often in very challenging conditions. Many of them come from established or emerging democracies, reflecting the disturbing fact that censorship is not just the preserve of authoritarian states, and that freedom of expression is an issue that affects us all, wherever we live.’

The 2013 awards are the 13th Freedom of Expression Awards. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony, which will take place on Thursday 21 March at the Inner Temple, London.


  1. If Kostas Vaxevanis is such a brave journalist… then why aren’t all the foreigner journalists applauding him doing the same in their own countries by releasing private banking Swiss information on their own citizens? Rather odd no?

    One of the problems with Greece is some Greeks see ranting leftists Vaxevanis as a “hero” rather than just an self-serving tabloidist that made a name for himself by explointing concerns about tax evasion by irresponsibly publishing people’s private financial information. Our heros needs to be physicists, mathematicians, engineers, biologists and doctors that cure diseases that produce things that improve our quality of life… not ranting more conspiracy theories far leftist whiners.

  2. Many foreign journalists applaud Vaxevanis because he was doing the right thing, telling the truth about the big tax evaders which in this case are the dirty politicians and bankers. These politicians created laws (against the Greek constitution) to cover themselves in case they get caught. For your information foreign journalist did almost the same thing in their countries and that is why they were able to return most of that stolen money back to where they belong to people (Spain, Italy, Germany etc.). On the other hand in Greece for two years now nothing happens since the tax evaders (politicians) control everything from media to justice system. Just to remind you that billions of Euros have been stolen and still not even a Euro has returned to Greece.
    Yes Vaxevanis is a doctor, for me he is the penicillin that kills the rottenness from this world OR the antidote for the bites that these snakes (oligarchy) gives to the Greek people.

  3. Congratulations sir. Great work. As admirable as any other foreign correspondent who puts his life, yes his life, on the line for truth and justice. A rare breed indeed.

  4. Nonsense. His life was never on the line.

    In fact, by far most of the attacks on journalists in Greece are actually by ranting leftist extremists that sound just like him.

  5. Again… if what you say is true then why aren’t these forign journalists doing the exact same in their own countries? Are there are only Greek bank accounts in Switzerland? Only Greek tax cheats? Only Greek elites?

    Frankly, I sincerely believe there is a great deal of racism against Greeks these days. Any Greek leftist they can find to rant about the Greek people or Greek state seems to be “heroic” to foreigners these days. (many of whom dishonestly pretend not to notice the Skopians sudden change into “Ancient Macedonians” and irrredentism against Greece)

  6. If he had writen articles about the need to investigate the list I would have supported that. however what he did instead is publish the list (basically turning the situation into a public witchhunt) . This was highly irresponsible (would you want your personal banking information made public?)

    To make matter worse, if you listen to Vaxevanis speak, he sounds like ranting communists in Syriza by going on-and-on about some Illuminati conspriacy of the elite. He’s either dim witted and paranoid or did it to get fame. I have no respect whatsoever for this man. Exploitative attention seeking populist like Tsipiras.

  7. Now julian assange is someone that is under real threat of being killed. Why didn’t “Freedom of Expression Awards” give him an award? He’s done far far more than Vaxevanis in making government documents transparent.

    I would also point out that “Freedom of Expression Awards” are held in London and that the UK government is morally complicit in ongoing attempts to arrest Assange.

    Don’t the government in the UK believe in freedom of the press anymore? Or do they only fund organizations to point fingers at everyone else? Why does he have to ask for protection from ecuador to escape persecution from the British government? Where are all the alleged journalists in London that claim they care about government transparency defending him?


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