Albanians Blast Abp. Anastasios On Census

amastasopsAfter the publication of the official statement on what critics said was an inaccurate 2011 Census,  Archbishop Anastasios was accused by some Albanians of “unconstitutional acts” and of having worked with extreme nationalist circles of Greece for “anti-Albanian activity against Albania’s territorial integrity”.

The 42 Tirana archdiocese Orthodox clergy released a joint statement in defense of Anastasios Yannoulatos. Their attitude comes after strong reactions against the Red and Black Alliance, in support of Archbishop Anastasios and after a census that claimed a miniscule amount of Orthodox lived in Albania.

It was reported that a death threat was made against the Archbishop and his supporters denounced what they called a a “sick,slanderous attack” against him. They said criticism against him for his assertions the census was false were just a “morbid figment of imagination” and are “completely unfair as they distort the truth”.




  1. What?? “Death threats was made against the Archbishop”, this is a typical Albanian tactics. Albanians are all scum. The truth will be revealed.. Free Northern Epirus..

  2. Very nice Hankz, calling scum an entire nation.
    Don’t forget that priests have received death threats in Greece as well, by Greek communists.

    And yes, some Albanians rightly question the reason why Anastasios still holds the leading position in the Albanian church. How would you feel to have an Albanian priest leading the Greek church?
    We respect him for what he has done, but he promised to stay there only temporary and never left. As all typical Balkans leaders, he chose to make himself an lifelong little dictator. Nice example for a Christian devotee.

  3. Firstly, this is very inappropriate and out of order. The census was corrupt, clearly there are 700,000+ Orthodox in Albania and the Greeks are well above 250,000 in terms of population, whether full or partial.

    The Archbishop is an Albanian/Greek citizen, all must respect him. He was right to question the census, even Albanians do.

    As for the comments below, “hankz” that’s really rude and totally inaccurate. And as for “peteko” I agree. But don’t forget we have a lot in common, and the Archbishop of Athens is Arvanites, which kinda makes him Albanian. So it’s the same for both nations.


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