BBC Says Golden Dawn’s Rise Mimics Hitler

Laurence Rees, a former creative director of history programs for the BBC and the author of six books on World War II, has put together a report examining the conditions that allowed Adolph Hitler to rise to power in Germany and drew comparisons between the Nazis and the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party in Greece.

According to the report, history does not really repeat itself but it can surely warn of what is to come. The author examines the harsh economic situation currently plaguing, similar to that before the Wall Street Crash of 1929.  Unemployment rates of 25.4 percent and the sense Greeks have of being humiliated by international lenders – what Germany felt after the end of WWI and the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles which let Hitler rise are being seen in Greece, the report noted.

What seemed like Hitler’s weaknesses because his attributes after Great Depression because people were hungry and desperate – just as many Greeks are now. Hitler used that to turn people against his enemies, Jews and the Communists, said Rees, whose piece, The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler, has begun airing on the BBC.

Rees sees it as ironic that the Greeks greeted German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her visit in Athens with protesters waving swastika banners, while at the same time the radical right political movement of Golden Dawn is gaining in power. “And it is led by a man who has claimed there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz. Can there be a bigger warning than that?” Rees said.

Golden Dawn, which got only 0.29 percent of the vote in the Greek elections in 2009 and was considered a near-lunatic fringe party, soared to 6.97 percent and 18 seats in Parliament this year after  2 1/2 years of crushing pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions drove people into poverty and the extremists offered what they told people was a way out. New polls put them at nearly 14 percent, third among the country’s political parties and on a path to win as many as 36 seats in the 300-member Parliament at the next elections.

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  1. I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that the Golden Dawn Party in Greece received the support it got because of the very bad living conditions of the working class in that country.It is similar to what the people in Germany had to go through after the first world war.Fascism arose in Germany after the first world war because the leaders of the Social Democrats there didn’t put up a fight against fascism even though the people wanted to.
    The same thing shouldn’t be allowed to happen in Greece.The working class needs to unite and form their own self defence fight and get rid of the Golden Dawn Fascists.

  2. There is a song by Irish folk singer Christy Moore called “Natives” The line “only the very safe can talk about wrong or right, of those who are forced to choose theres some who will choose to fight!”

    When you put people into a corner they will move to the extremes of left and right depending on who appears to offer solutions to despair and hopelessnes.

    Until Germany rids itself of the monetarist Merkel and her failed and divisive neo-con model, Greeks will be forced to the extremes. After all what other choice do they have? The greatest irony though is not the parallels between the rise of Fascism and Hitler in pre war Germany, but post war Germany which had the biggest series of constructive bailouts and infrastructure investment in modern history. That was of course because the US wanted to use West Germany as a buttress against the ‘Red menace’ of the Soviet Union. It was that bail out and investment and the renewal of a tri-partite civic society, which allowed Germany to become the powerhouse it is in the Europe of today. What short memories these people have!

  3. Golden Dawn is an embarrassment to the great and wonderful country of Greece. They should ban the party immediately, imprison their active supporters and send them to Afghan/Pakistani jails. Not a single Euro cent should be given to Greece until this is done. However at the same time the EU should take urgent steps to alleviate the immigration burden. Shipping capacity is cheap now. Many immigrants want to go back home but they cannot afford it. Greek shipowners who have robbed the Greek state for years should at least carry these migrant back home.

  4. Yawnnnnn….. Another anti-Golden Dawn hit piece. Greece for the Greeks: what’s so complicated about that?

  5. Believe me, I’m for a solution against illegal immigration in Greece and
    I do think it’s a burden to the already collapsing economy, but I don’t
    want a solution that involves senseless beatings and assaults against
    human beings, suppressing free speech and civil rights while promoting
    discrimination and hate, and trapping people inside unhygienic detention
    Plus, I don’t see any sense in a country depending
    themselves on a successor of the very party that wiped out 4% of Greek’s
    population and tore Europe into pieces.

    Glad to see the world’s
    starting to see the parallels between GD and the Nazi party of the
    1930s. To forget how dictatorships come to power, and to forget why we
    don’t want them to come to power, is to open the way to another
    History repeats when people don’t learn from it.

  6. It’s not the deportation of illegal migrants that I’m against, it’s the way they’re treated as subhuman that I absolutely despise.

  7. How about the daily muggings, beatings, armed robberies, home invasions, drug pushing, rapes & murders that a once peaceful & safe Greece, must now endure, at the hands of nearly 3 million ILLEGAL immigrants, most of them muslims! Indeed 5000 of these muslims gathered outside Greek parliament a few weeks ago, with the leader of the illegal pakistani community, calling for “Islamic holy war” against Greece! Golden Dawn is gaining massive support because they are the ONLY political party, which has as it’s number 1 priority, the immediate deportation of ALL ILLEGAL immigrants! Thats the truth, & anybody with half a brain cell can see that !

  8. Do a search on You Tube for the video titled: “How Zionists Divide and Conquer”, & you will get a much better understanding on who has deliberately opened Europe’s borders to massive 3rd World immigration.

  9. Golden Dawn is polling 14% nationally, & growing 1% to 2% per month. Who are you to say “ban them”?

  10. I don’t deny that many immigrants are criminals who do cause misery against Greeks, and I don’t deny that illegal immigration is a burden to Greece that needs to be rectified (as I said, I’m not against the deportation of illegal migrants in Greece, at least when Greece’s economy is in tatters). Greece has the utmost right to do what they can to fix their economy and protect the livelihood of their citizens, but what they do NOT have the right to do is do it in a way that causes misery to innocent people.

    The majority of migrants are not criminals bent on causing misery to Greek citizens, and it’s irrational to treat them all like criminals. They’re merely people who came to Greece to get a better livelihood in the first place, but at this point they’re only dragging down Greece while still staying in relatively the same kind of conditions as the countries they came from. And that’s why I support deporting illegal migrants in Greece, because while it won’t change the relative living conditions of migrants at least it won’t cause more burden to the country.

    But I support deportation only if it doesn’t physically hurt migrants in the process, and doesn’t degrade them. Like I said, these are people we’re talking about, so treat them as such.

    Yes, there are innocent Greeks being hurt by criminal migrants (and the perpetrators ought to be punished accordingly to the law), but you can’t use that to justify Greeks beating up innocent migrants just passing by on the street. That’s not just below rational thought, that’s downright barbarianism.
    If certain Greeks are so into their national identity, then they ought to act their part as citizens from the birthplace of modern intellectualism, and actually THINK before they act.


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