Istanbul’s 3d Generation Greeks Want Dual Citizenship

The Chairman of the Universal Federation of Greeks from Istanbul living in Greece, Nikolas Uzunoglu, met with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu during the latter’s formal visit to Athens on October 10 and talked, among other issues, about dual citizenship rights for Third-Generation Greeks, descendants of those who were forced to leave Turkey the 1960’s without having served in the military.

Uzunoglu said there was optimism about the possibility, and that Davutoglu was not hostile to the idea and asked to meet with him again in Ankara.

According to Hurriyet daily, Uzunoğlu said that he did not believe such issues were touching a nerve since the federation is only claiming the rights as any other group or citizen would. Further issues discussed included the financial coverage of court costs for those who try to legally regain their abandoned properties in Turkey, Turkish language courses for those interested in returning to Turkey and educational and research support for scientists of Greek origing working in Turkey. Hurriyet noted that these demands have already been passed on to Ankara.


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