Red or White but Greek: Greek Wines Promoted Abroad, Funding Courtesy of the EU

Greek businessmen in the wine production sector are making many efforts to promote Greek wines abroad. A new decision made by the EU facilitates such efforts, since the European Commission approved funding for ad campaigns to to promote Greek and Bulgarian wines in the USA, China, and Switzerland, according to the Bulgarian Agriculture Ministry.

This positive development followed a joint initiative of Bulgaria’s National Chamber of Vines and Wines and the Greek Association of Winemakers & Viticulturalists of Northern Greece (ENOABE). This EU decision will cover any financial needs arising in the bid to promote wines of the two neighboring countries within a period of three years. The total budget of the EU project amounts to 4.6 million euros.

Similar efforts have been undertaken by Greek winemakers during the past months, all of which were funded by individuals though. In May, they visited the USA and Canada to show their high-quality red and white wines:

Bulgarian reports that this is Bulgaria’s second program approved and funded by the EU to promote  the country’s wines abroad, and the seventh such to promote Bulgarian agricultural products.

Many international newspapers and magazines have been featuring Greek wines lately. Despite the debt crisis, some devoted professionals keep trying to develop their businesses, and they have done it very well, it appears.


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