Lazopoulos and Alexiou Charm German Audience

Comedian Lakis Lazopoulos gave a glorious performance last Saturday night in Dusseldorf in front of 2,669 spectators. The tickets were sold-out days before the event, proving the popularity the actor enjoys among Greek-Germans. His European tour premiere was apparently very successful.

Guest star singer Charis Alexiou made the evening even more unforgettable for the audience. She sang beloved Greek songs and had the thousands of attendees sing along till the end.

The Mitsubishi Electric Hall was flooded mainly by Greek-Germans, who, watching the theatrical play, viewed Greece’s dramatic situation from the unique perspective of writer and main actor Lazopoulos. He commenced his European tour in the most successful way.

The premiere of “Sorry..I’m Greek” was marked by several references to Angela Merkel, Akis Tsohantzopoulos, the recent political developments and of course, George Papandreou.

The play started with Lazopoulos dressed in the traditional “tsolias” costume, asking the audience how much Greece owes and expressing his fear if tax would be imposed on his costume! The applause was so massive that it took Lazopoulos 3-4 minutes to actually start the first act. The actor later admitted: “I tried so much to perform my roles till the end. I have never felt like that in my life.”

The famous comedian is ready to continue with the rest of his performances. Today, he will charm the audience in Nurnberg.


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