Deposed King Constantine Left Off Queen Elizabeth’s Guest List

Confusion was brought by Queen Elizabeth’s decision to the royal society after the deposed King of Greece was not invited to the 60th Diamond Jubilee.

Deposed King Constantine has very good relations with the Queen, so her decision to leave him off the Diamond Jubilee banquet seems strange.

Diamond Jubilee is a royal anniversary, undertaken by Kings and Queens of England in order to celebrate special dates. In 2012, it is Queen Elizabeth’s commitment to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne.

But this anniversary claims to be controversial due to the fact that the Queen invited the King of Bahrain to the banquet and not Constantine. The latter is a confidant of hers and also the Duke of Cambridge’s godfather. During the past few years, Constantine has left Greece due to a regime change and lives in Hampstead, UK.

Baroness Warsi, the Conservative Party chairman, claimed that the Queen herself was responsible for the guest list.

The palace’s officials replied, however, that the Queen did not invite Constantine because she did not want to upset the Greek government.

According to an English courtier, who justifies the Queen’s decision to omit Constantine off the guest list, “if the Queen could invite whomever she liked, of course he would be there.”


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