British Newspaper Encourages People to Visit Greek Islands

The islands and the sunny days in Greece, as well as the beautiful beaches, will always be the perfect promotion for Greece.

The British newspaper Sun published a flattering article about Greek islands, and mainly about Rhodes. Under the title “Greek Rescue Package. Despite Crisis, Isle Lays on a Reviving Hol,” the journalist sings the praises of Rhodes’ luxurious resorts.

“Lovely Lindos, where we stayed, is a classic beach resort but is also packed  with culture and remains of the ancient world,” writes the author of the article.

The article praises Greek islands, inviting the British to visit Rhodes to enjoy an amazing beach holiday, try “a large selection of tasty Greek wine — hard to find in the UK  because the Greeks drink so much of it and export so little,” as the journalist comments, and feel comfortable at the local luxurious hotels.

The British journalist admits that the inhabitants of the island are very hospitable.

“Greece may be struggling for cash these days, but the  country’s history, architecture and sunshine remain as rich and glorious as ever and deserve a visit,” she concludes.


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