Austrian Initiative to Present Positive View of Greece

Fabian Enter, a renowned Austrian director, decided to give prominence to modern Greece by means of multimedia. He wants to show that Greece has nothing in common with the image presented by media around the world, which makes the country  look “miserable, encouraging the visitors’ fear, and fear is sometimes accompanied by hatred.”

The “Greece Flourishes” initiative found support by many distinguished professionals of Austria successful in politics or in some cultural field; actor, author and poet Andre Heller, as well as former Vice-Chancellor of Austria Erhard Busek are a few of them.

In order to film the simple, real and beautiful views of Greece, director Fabian Enter, along with cameraman Ritsi Wagner and photographer Andreas Handl, will tour Greece. By visiting places from Crete to Western Greece, their actual purpose is to enjoy and film the fascinating parts of the country, but to also discuss with locals several subjects concerning everyday life after the crisis, and to understand how they feel about the current situation.

During their trip, they plan to post their daily experiences online in three languages – German, English and Greek. Any comments or discussions in regards to the Austrians’ visit will be included in the 50 minute movie due out in late May.


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