Georges Moustaki: “Greeks Should Make Hell Hotter for the EU”

“I wish Greeks made Hell hotter for the EU,” says songwriter Georges Moustaki, who is of Greek origin and lives in France, implying that Greeks should lift some barriers for the officials of the EU.

In an article writing about his relation with Greece, he comments that he feels sorrow when his Greek friends inform him about the situation in his homecountry.

He writes that the crisis has turned Greeks’ lives and their works upside down, so that some of them have to leave the country in order to escape the financial recession.

“As for those who stay in Greece, it seems that they are used to being poor; poverty runs in their blood. Of course, people with high incomes and shipowners sailing with their ships [waving] Maltese flags have not lost anything,” he continues.

But he does admit that Greeks have made mistakes, too. When Greece joined the EU, Greek citizens started, little-by-little, trying to mimic something they’re not but ended up in a sort of caricature,  establishing chic restaurants in a bid to imitate the European model.

“We should struggle to get the word ‘Europe’ back again and to create a new model. Besides, Europe is a Greek word, meaning wide vision,” adds the renowned songwriter.

Moustaki also confesses that he is glad to see Greeks more aggressive than they used to be, and stresses that he hopes “Greeks [will] make Hell bigger and hotter for the Europeans, because they are responsible for the crisis, not Greeks.”


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