Anna Diamantopoulou Will Speak in German Parliament

The Greek Minister of Development, Anna Diamantopoulou, is visiting Berlin on Thursday and Friday. The Minister will give speeches in the German Parliament, the Commission on European Affairs and the think tank of SPD Friedrich Ebert. She will also meet with representatives of the German Business Group.

During her stay in Berlin she will also meet with her counterpart Minister and Vice Chancellor Philipp Rössler, as well as Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

These contacts aim at demonstrating the Greek people’s efforts during the past two years, the significant financial adjustments and the institutional changes that have been succeeded in every level in Greece.

The Minister will be escorted by the President of the Invest in Greece Organization, A. Siggros.

Speaking about her forthcoming speech in the German Parliament, Anna Diamantopoulou referred to an effort to reverse the problematic image that has been stigmatizing Greece lately, thus affecting the bilateral relations between Germany and Greece.


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