Romanians Go For Northern Greece When It Comes to Their Vacation

Romanian tourists are traditionally “voting” for Greece when it comes to their holiday destination. Thessaloniki is their No. 1 vacation choice.

More than 26,200 Romanian tourists were accommodated in Thessaloniki’s hotels in 2011, an increase of 18.3% from the year before according to the data presented by the Thessaloniki Hotels Association during the TTR Romanian Tourism Fair in Bucharest.

The same figures for 2012 are also encouraging on the grounds that Balkans seem to be closing the gaps created by the diminishing numbers of Greek tourists in Northern Greece. They offer important economic relief for the wider area.

“The Thessaloniki Hotels Association aims at attracting even more Romanians in 2012, as we believe that Balkan tourists can help ease the ‘symptoms’ of the financial crisis by visiting on a regular basis”, the Association pointed out with its announcement.


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