Greek Actress Melpo Zarokosta Stars in a Turkish Film

The Greek actor returned from her journey in Turkey and we will soon enjoy her performance in the Turkish film “Strangers in the House”, in which she stars. The eminent actor seems to enjoy her role in the film, and her acting astonished her colleagues and the producers.

“They were looking for an old lady with major boldness and they almost got me crossing the line! It was a great role! That film had nothing to do with big budgets” she explains. “The money was trivial. Well, I didn’t even get paid, but I took the role because it fascinated me.” Reveals Melpo to the newspaper “Espresso”.

“I portray a Greek woman that was born in a small village outside Smyrna but had to abandon it due to the population exchange in 1922, and came to Greece leaving her home and loved ones behind”, explains the great actor. “After sixty-five years, she returns along with her granddaughter, trying to find out why her loved ones didn’t try to search for her as they had agreed back then. She finds her home and she wants to buy it from a young man who inherited it from his mother, but he won’t sell it. After all is said and done, she dies there, in that house where she grew up”, she adds.


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