Greek-Cypriot Man’s Gigantic Burger of Almost 18,000 Calories Tests the Food Skills of the British

His name is Vas Herodotou, he is Greek-Cypriot, and he has created the biggest burger in Britain.

His creation contains the unbelievable amount of 17,720 calories, more than the weekly calorie rate recommended for a man.

The gigantic burger has a thirty-centimeter diameter and the ingredients that Vas uses in order to prepare it are four kilos of beef, nine bacon rashers, nine cheese slices, 3 tomatoes, lettuce, and half a kilo potatoes.

Someone can find it and enjoy it at Burgers at Blacks in Southern London, after paying the price of 40 British pounds!

According to Vas’s statements in the British Daily Mail, the list of the daring foodies that want to try to eat the whole burger is constantly getting bigger.

According to Vas, “punters who do not need to eat again for seven days may see it as a bargain burger”.

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