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Τhree Greek Photojournalists Awarded in 2012 ‘Pictures of the Year’ Contest

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Three Greek photojournalists have received an award for their work in this year’s “Pictures of the Year International” contest, which is one of the oldest, largest and most highly respected photojournalism contests in the world.

G. Kolesidis, L. Giouliamaki and A. Tzortzinis have depicted with their cameras scenes from the Athens protest rallies. Their pictures from the Athenian ‘battle fields’ have circulated around the world and are considered among the best examples of photojournalism for 2012.

G. Kolesidis was presented with the first award of the contest in the “General News” category. Kolesidis managed to depict in a unique and personal way a blood covered protester being taken into custody by the Riot Police during the violent clashes of June 2011. “The two policemen look like they are smothering the protester with their grip, just like the protests are being smothered. This is symbolic” commented Kolesidis.

A. Tzortzinis shot a picture of a police officer set ablaze and won, with his photo, the third award in the “Spot news” category. “It was February, in one of those protest rallies where all hell broke loose. At some point a police officer hit a protester with his bike. Suddenly Molotov cocktails, stones and bottles were being hurled at him. It is quite a symbolic photo. It is not simply a man set on fire. Around him people are staring. It is like the arena and the policeman is power. They have set fire to power” explained the photo reporter. This photo entered “Time”.

Last but not least, Louisa Giouliamaki was presented with the special ‘Award of Excellence’ in the “Issue Reporting Picture Story – Freelance/Agency” category. Giouliamaki participated in the contest with 12 pictures.


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