Patriarch Bartholomew Asks for Religious Freedom and Equal Rights for Minorities in Turkey

Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew attended a Turkish parliamentary commission assembly during which he presented his requests regarding minorities in Turkey.

On Monday, Feb 20, Patriarch Bartholomew met with members of a parliamentary subcommittee seeking an all-party consensus for a new constitution, which will replace the one ratified in 1982 while the country was under military rule.

Bartholomew told reporters after speaking to the commission that he favors a constitution that promotes equal rights and religious freedoms, including the reopening of the Halki Theological School that has trained generations of patriarchs.

“We do not want to be second-class citizens. Unfortunately, minorities have faced many injustices so far. These are gradually being corrected, changed. A new Turkey is emerging. We never lost hope. We are now very happy. We are sure that our ideas will be taken into consideration as we want nothing more than our rights as Turkish citizens,” he said.




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