Sarkozy’s Election Poster Features the Aegean Sea

The news that the election poster of Nicolas Sarkozy features a shot from the Aegean Sea in its background has travelled throughout the Internet and has caused bitter comments from his opponents, who have criticized him both for using a Greek landscape instead of a French one and for the way he treated the Greek debt situation.

“La France Forte” (A strong France) is the title of the controversial election poster. A Twitter user managed to trace the unique number behind the picture, which also includes the place of shooting.

Sarkozy’s opponents made their own research and found out that the background picture belongs to the photo agency “Tetra Images” with the caption ‘Greece-Clouds above the Aegean Sea’.

The French President aimed at employing the sunset on a calm sea to convince the voters that he would be the “captain” that would lead France into serenity and stability if he would be reelected.

The news resulted in the creation of parody posters such as “La France Morte” (A dead France), where the background sea scenery hosts the Costa Concordia sinking ship, or “La Franc Fort”, by deleting the two e vowels from the original message, and thus making an a sound simile to the Frankfurter Würstchen.



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